Female Trouble: An Introduction (I)

An Introduction: Characters – First part

Dawn Davenport: Infamous student, runs away from home when she doesn’t get the cha-cha-heels she wanted as a Christmas present.

School time: Davenport, Chicklette and Concetta
Christmas Carol

She gets pregnant on the run. The child’s father doesn’t feel like giving money to the girl, and Dawn gives birth to Taffy alone in a hotel.

"Eat it!"
"You fucked me on Christmas. Now I want money"
Taffy is born

To get money she works in a bar, then as a stripper, then as a prostitute and ends up being a thief.

Dawn as a stripper
Hit and run with Chicklette and Concetta

She enters the Lipstick Beauty Salon, where she meets Gator. They marry.

Wedding: Dawn and Taffy

After splitting up with her husband, the Lipstick’s managers (the Dashers) convince her of working with them in a mysterious glamour and beauty project.

Dawn and Mr. Dasher


Taffy: Is not allowed to go to school or have friends. She fights to have a regular life.

Family trouble - Dawn and Taffy (child)

Her mother ties her to her bed when she doesn’t behave properly.

Bed chains

Dawn thinks she is retarded and tries to convince her, but Taffy is pretty sure of her mental stability.

Taffy as a 14 year old girl plus Dawn and Gator
Angry Taffy


Concetta: former classmate of Dawn Davenport, she has a parallel pathos. She also was bad at school, works as a prostitute and as a thief and even visits the Lipstick.



Chicklette: same as Concetta. They are always doing the same things.



Gator: before meeting Dawn he lived with his aunt, Ida.

Gator and Aunt Ida

Ida wanted him to be gay. Gator worked at the Lipstick before meeting Dawn for the first time. He gets kicked from home when Dawn gets tired of his stupid sexual games, often involving hammers and carrots.

Dawn, Gator, Hammer


Ida: Gator’s aunt. She hates Dawn since the day she married Gator. She wanted Gator to be gay, and even prepares some meetings between guys and her nephew. She’s Dawn neighbour, and make each other’s life impossible.

Ida without make-up
Ida with make-up


The Dashers: owners of the Lipstick Beauty Salon, they’re elitists and only allow filthy and trashy beauties do their hair in the Salon. Also, thanks to the Lipstick’s monstrous fees they can wear expensive and bizarre make-up and clothes.

The Dashers

They are interested in beauty and propose Dawn to work as a model for a secret beauty project they are planning.

The Dashers at Dawn's wedding (Ida at the background)


The Lipstick Workers: a strange group of people works regularly at the Beauty Salon. They are practically servants of the Dashers and move under their influence. Apart from that, they don’t do anything else.

Lipstick workers plus Chicklette and Concetta